Reflections of Beauty

Portrait Shoots

In your Reflections of Beauty Photographic Adventure, the focus is You!   You are the subject; therefore, we endeavor to capture the essence of your personality, mood, and expression...   Most importantly, we seek to capture your beauty!   Although we're able to shoot traditional studio images using controlled lighting and backdrops, we prefer to shoot you in situations and settings which are familiar or comfortable for you.   Pose engaged in your favorite activity or sport...   with pets...   in various styles or outfits...   In various themes to include maturity, bridal, and holiday themes...   The possibilities for your Reflections of Beauty Photographic Adventure is limited to your imagination!

Your Reflection of Beauty Photographic Adventure is affordable and sessions can be scaled to your budget.   Choose the time and place of your Adventure...   We're able to shoot you in a professional studio, at your favorite location (outdoor or indoors), or even in the comfort of your own home!

Please browse through our Portrait Galley for samples of our work or to gain more insight to the possibilities of a B-Squared Images Reflections of Beauty Photographic Adventure.