Now You're Styl'n!

Fashion and Glamour

Want a little oomph or style in your pics?   If so, then a B-Squared Images Styl’n Adventure is the thing for you!   In a Styl’n Adventure, models explore the world of fashion and glamour.   Models can emphasize fashion styles, fads and vogue lifestyles, accentuate beauty, or fuse art to the human form or condition.

Since Fashion and Glamour encompasses a wide range of looks and moods, your Styl’n Adventure, can be captured in almost any settings including hometown Americana, busy city streets, urban housing, harbors and ports, transportation centers, marbled-floored lobbies, museums, or libraries.   The sky’s the limit!   For your convenience, we can also stage and capture your Styl’n Adventure in a studio environment.

Your Styl’n Adventure can be captured in any style and level of dress (more or less) consistent with your comfort level.   For your adventure, we can research and provide you with a wardrobe and make up or you can provide your own. You can tailor your Adventure to your budget and your liking.

Please browse through our Fashion and Glamour Galley for samples of our work or to gain more insight to the possibilities of a B-Squared Images Styl’n Adventure.