Art and Enhancements

Ever wanted to be a mythical creature such as a mermaid?   What about an alien on a primitive planet?   If so, then our Voila Adventure is just the thing for you!   In a Voila Adventure, you can become any creature you want and in any setting you like.   We can pose portrait-style or in any situation to tell your story or create a specific mood.

In a Voila Adventure, images are captured in a conventional manner geared to your desired character.   They can be captured in compatible settings or for your convenience, in a studio environment before a green screen.   In post production, unique to other services, we use advanced photo-manipulation techniques to blend or add body parts, change your skin color, or to add textures such as fur or scales.   Like the other adventure packages offered at B-Squared Images, your Voila Adventure is tailored to your budget and comfort level.

If mythical creatures aren’t your thing, we can create a classic cartoon image of you based on any photographic image.   For your entertainment or pleasure, we can even create a comic strip or book, complete with narratives and speech and thought bubbles.   Your customized comic can be that perfect gift to give to a family member, loved one or friend!   And while we prefer to capture your image for these projects, we also accept existing photographs with proper release or license.

Enhancements and Restorations

Need a restoration or enhancement of an existing photograph?   We do it all!   Preserve your treasured photographs!   Restore faded colors and remove cracks creases, smudges, or scratches…   Restore them to the day they were produced!   Or maybe you’d like to look more beautiful in that particular photograph…   We can also give you digital makeover to give you a more glamorous or appealing appearance!   Our advanced photo-manipulation tools, allows us to blend uneven skin tones and smooth out facial scarring, thicken eyelashes and hair, enhance bust lines, and sculpt faces and bodies for a more firmer and youthful look.   All of our enhancements have a natural appearance and are scalable to suit your taste…   They can be very subtle or significant!   Your choice!

Please browse through our Art Galley and Enhancement Gallery for samples of our work or to gain more insight to the possibilities of a B-Squared Images Voila Adventure.