Brian's Corner

My Renaissance

Well, after five years of shooting models, I’ve gained much experience and the quality of my pictures are much better then when I first started out on my own adventure in imaging and photography.   But now, my wife wants me to make my hobby somewhat more profitable; therefore, I’ll be charging for my services.   And of course, that doesn’t mean that I won’t do anymore trade arrangements; it just means, paid agreements will now be the norm and not the exception!   The good news is that my rates are more competitive than other photographers and reflects my experience and skill level.

So along with my renaissance, I’m launching this new web page.   It’s a pretty good representation of the breath and quality of my work over the past 5 years.   I hope that you enjoy looking at them and I did taking them or creating them.   Later on, I intend to establish a subscription-based online magazine and forum capability.   I look forward to working with new aspiring models and the models I have worked with over the years.

It’s a new refreshing beginning for me and I hope to breathe new life into your photographs and images, whether it be your portfolio, your family album, or that special someone. I ‘m ready and able to make your special adventure a reality!