Wet 'n Wild!

Waterfall and Surf Shoots

Enjoy a Wet 'n Wild Photographic Adventure.   B-Squared Images can shoot you at your favorite waterfall, stream, beach or surf.   Don't have a location in mind?   We can find you a suitable location with the beauty and privacy that you desire.   We shoot at dozens of locations in exotic Hawaii and you're limited to only your imagination and your willingness to travel or hike on foot.   Many locations and trail heads are accessible from roads and are easy get to.

A Wet 'n Wild Photographic Adventure offers you the opportunity to produce truly unique images featuring vibrant colors.   Imagine yourself among the spectacular wave breaks of a roaring surf, in the warming rays of a sunrise or sunset, in a mystical fog skimming over the water or the silky "angel-hair" effect of water runoff, or in a mosaic of colors emanating through crystal clear water!

Please browse through our Waterfalls Galley and Sun and Surf Gallery for samples of our work or to gain more insight to the possibilities of a B-Squared Images Wet 'n Wild Photographic Adventure.